The circulation of vehicles on Italian territory is regulated by Legislative Decree 285 of 30/04/1992, New Highway Code.

  • D.Lgs. n. 285 del 30/04/1992 “New Highway Code”;
  • D.P.R. n. 495 del 16/12/1992 “Regolamento di esecuzione e di attuazione del Nuovo Codice della Strada”.
  • Decreto legge 69/2013, art. 20
  • D. Lgs. n. 248 del 31 dicembre 2007 – (Legge Finanziaria) convertito in legge n. 31 del 28 febbraio 2008, che ha modificato l’art. 19 del D.P.R. n. 602 del 29 settembre 1973

Payment of the sanction

All the financial sanctions provided for by the Council of State vary from a minimum to a maximum amount.

Where permitted, the Highway Code provides for the possibility of wiping out the infringement by paying the fine in a reduced amount, provided that payment is made within the mandatory period of 60 days from the dispute or notification of the report, pursuant to section 202 of the Italian Civil Code.

For certain infringements, if payment is made within 5 days from the date of notification, the amount is reduced by 30%.

The amounts due are indicated in the document and within the reserved area.

Payment made with a lesser sum than requested or made late shall be considered as an advance payment to the maximum amount foreseen for the complete deletion of the debt, which will be requested with subsequent reminders and legal warnings, in addition to the surcharges and costs for notification and legal proceedings.

The sanction may be paid in one of the following ways:

  • By bank transfer using the IBAN code IT0000000000000000000000000000000000
  • Through the digital payment systems available in the Reserved Area

Sending driver data

For some infringements of the Highway Code, it is necessary that the driver of the vehicle is identified at the time of the infringement.
For this reason, it is necessary where expressly requested in the document notified to fill in the identification form to be sent within 60 days of receipt of the report, exclusively as follows:

  • by going in person to the Front Office of the Polizia Municipale di Carlentini;
  • by posting a registered letter with return receipt by filling in the form attached to the report, to which a photostatic copy of the offender’s driving licence must be attached;
  • by accessing your Reserved Area through the “upload documents” function;
  • by forwarding the declaration and its attachments from a PEC address to our certified email address

The driver’s data must be produced even if the driver and the owner are the same person and even if an appeal is lodged against the report.

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